Dashenka is a special Guest which appears in the second part of the game.

Appearance Edit

Dashenka is a girl in dirty rag clothes which sits in a corner of a room with its face turned away. When this Guest appears, constant crying can be heard in the background.

Behaviour Edit

Dashenka appears in 'Eye' levels of the second part of the game. She appears in about 1 minute (real time) after the start of the level. This Guest doesn't move and/or disappear throughout the whole level, unless player turns on the light in the room with her; in this case she vanishes until the lights are turned off again.

When the Lodger 'touches' her, she either disappears, showing a note, or turns her disfigured face to the player, decreasing time like a Hiding Guest would do. If Dashenka turns her face to you she will disappear. Turn on and then turn off the light in the room - she'll appear again (with her face turned). Now if you touch her, she will give you a note. Amount of notes she can give you is three.

Ending influence Edit

If player is on the route to the 'Breaking the Circle' ending, he/she can get a normal version and a good version of this ending (see Endings). Good version is triggered if you manage to get all 3 notes from Dashenka.

Trivia Edit

The name "Dashenka" bears a similarity to the Russian word "душенька" (pronounced "Dushen'ka") meaning darling.