Hallway is a structure which can be entered by going into a Breach or opening a Knocked Door.

Appearance Edit

Hallway is an endless corridor with doors. There are several designs of it but they don't have any influence on Hallway's behavior. In the second part of the game there are Hiding Guests standing in the Hallway.

Behavior Edit

The only way to leave the Hallway is by entering the doors which are placed there. Doing so might result in following:

- entering another hallway.

- restarting from the last 'Eye' level.

- entering the Forest which eventully results with level restart.

- finding a fragment of reality, then returning back to the Hallway.

In the second part of the game, time you can spend in the Hallway becomes limited, like in the Forest. The Lodger can go insane if exit is not found quickly enough.

Effects Edit

Following effects can occure during wandering in the Hallway:

- The Lodger's pupils slowly disappear.

- *2nd part of the game only* Disturbing music plays, and the closer the character is to insanity, the more sinister this music gets.